Warren Muzak

I am an experienced professional illustrator and 2D animator with print background. I specialize in hand drawn digital art using WACOM Cintiq. I have created published artwork for a range of subjects. My complete portfolio can be seen at www.warrenmuzak.com


  • Virus Illustration


    Color Illustrations

  • Knee Joint


    Color Illustrations

  • Fascial Tension Diagram

    Patient Education

    Black and White Line

  • Vascular Surgery Illus

    Medical Device

    Color Illustrations

Warren Muzak

I'm an experienced, professional illustrator with an animation, print and graphics design background. I specialize in digital hand drawn artwork for character design, concept and storyboard art, caricatures, book covers and interiors. I also create vector based images for the same application. I use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, WACOM Cintiq and Affinity Designer to create my work. I also animate using Moho Pro, and Adobe After Effects. Visit www.warrenmuzak.com for my complete portfolio.

I have been a successful freelance illustrator since 2009, creating a variety of work across all industries.

Published medical illustrations:

‘Younger Joints Today:’ Dr. Angela Cortal

    - Warren Muzak

CONTACT Warren Muzak

Warren Muzak

Kitchener, Ontario Canada


email: warrenmuzakanimation@gmail.com