Rose Sauer

I am a passionate visual storyteller with a scientific curiosity and a love for illustration and design. I have a Master's degree in Scientific Illustration from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences with a background in Design and Illustration as well as biology and anatomy. My experience working with scientists and organizations around the world has given me valuable insights from working in diverse realms such as conservation sciences, medical education, and biological research. I love collaboration and greatly enjoy bringing creative solutions to scientific projects for driven individuals. Whether illustrating a detailed medical procedure, creating lifelike depictions of ecosystems with flora and fauna, or bringing engaging design solutions to new projects that captivate viewers, I'm always looking for new projects and connections. Please view the work on my website and my LinkedIn to see my experience and please reach out to me with questions and ideas!

Rose Sauer

Scientific & Medical Illustrator open to Freelance work

    - Rose Sauer

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Rose Sauer

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phone: +18189617373

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