Sarah Stiles

Bachelors in biomedical science, certification in biomedical visualization, 6 years of studio art and fine art instruction. She specializes in soft tissue and skeletal illustration but enjoys all subjects of illustration.


  • Cutaneous Abscess


    Color Illustrations

  • Coronal Heart Dissection


    Color Illustrations

  • Transmission Of Chagas


    Color Illustrations

Sarah Stiles

Sarah received her bachelor’s in biomedical science with a focus on anatomy and pathology. She received her certificate in biomedical visualization from the University of Glasgow with an emphasis on emerging technology in medical illustration. As a gross human anatomy lab teaching assistant, she helped teach by bringing her illustrations  to the cadaver lab.

Sarah works as a medical illustrator but also enjoys a variety of subject matter from portraits, animals, and still life. 

 She enjoys incorporating her creative perspective into every piece, making each one unique and dynamic.

    - Sarah Stiles

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Sarah Stiles

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